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Deep Dive: Ascophyllum nodosum, its Properties & Potential

Our ingredients are made from 100% Ascophyllum nodosum sourced from the coastline of the Outer Hebrides. Let’s take a look at the powerful properties of this seaweed and how it is a force for good within agricultural systems worldwide.

What is Ascophyllum nodosum?

Ascophyllum nodosum is an inter-tidal seaweed found only in the pristine waters of the North Atlantic. In the unrelenting environment between the changing tides, Ascophyllum nodosum has developed a natural biochemistry that allows it to thrive & grow. This plant has evolved a unique array of bioactive compounds that allow it to survive extreme climatic conditions ranging from immersion in temperate water to exposure to scorching sunshine or shoreline frost.

But what makes Ascophyllum nodosum so special?

The true power of Ascophyllum nodosum lies within its rich composition of bioactive compounds. Ascophyllum nodosum contains distinctive carbohydrates, amino acids, chelated elements, and natural antioxidants, imbuing it with exceptional versatility and efficacy in agricultural applications. This seaweed plays a pivotal role in optimizing nutrient utilization, amplifying crop yield and quality, and fostering resilience against environmental challenges like drought, high temperatures, salinity, and cold stress.

According to EBIC, over the past decade, numerous scientific publications have highlighted the dynamics of plant biostimulation attributed to seaweed extracts. Contrary to earlier notions, recent investigations have unveiled that the biostimulant effects witnessed in crop application of seaweed extracts are not orchestrated by plant hormones. Instead, contemporary research underscores how these extracts modulate gene expression and metabolic shifts within treated plants. This enhances nutrient utilisation efficiency, bolstering tolerance to abiotic stresses, and ushering in various other biostimulant advantages.

These intricate molecular mechanisms are entirely distinct from the presence or absence of plant growth hormones in seaweed extracts. Currently, the most probable contributors to the biostimulant prowess of seaweed extracts appear to be the intricate compounds of carbohydrates contained within these extracts. Nonetheless, it’s noteworthy that other non-hormonal compounds might independently, or in synergy with carbohydrate constituents, also partake in these effects.

Unlocking the bioactivity of these complex carbohydrates to optimise these functions is incredibly important. That’s why not all seaweed extracts are created equal – even if they may look, smell, and pour the same. At Hebridean Seaweed Company, we have developed our proprietary extraction processes to unlock the bioactivity of our extracts and provide you with unparalleled efficacy and efficiency. Our seaweed extracts are optimised and standardised using cutting-edge extraction processes that are tailored to meet your unique formulation needs. Our extracts have specific quality traits that are guaranteed to deliver the desired results every time. we take pride in providing our customers with a top-quality product that contains zero additives or fillers, so you can be confident that you are getting nothing but the best. What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering the highest total solids per litre in our seaweed extracts.